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Content Right and Intellectual property

All the materials, content, text images, layout and content in the website are property of the company. Therefore, it is protected from copies by others according to copyright law, intellectual conventions, trademark law and intellectual property laws of United States of America. Logo of the company is registered with the authority as well.

Content of this website cannot be copied, reproduced, posted, encoded, uploaded, modified and commercially exploit by others.

Site Use

Site is maintained for the personal information of the customer. Materials in the website can be browsed and ordered under the law. Copyright can be applied on the products displayed on the page as well.

Any information, video, image or text cannot be transmitted to other site. It is important to have an authorized connection from the computer in order to access information from us. Impersonate is not allowed in this site in any given condition. Privacy or proprietary right of the company should not be violated.

Site Modification

Reliable information is used in the site. However, problems of inadvertent error can be seen some time. Right to make change in the site is reserved with us. Name of the document, product descriptions, content and specifications can be altered according to our wishes.

Notice of Infringement

If you believe that the mark or work is copied then it can be constituted for copyright infringement. In these cases, notice should be given to the agent of the site.

  • It is possible to work on the behalf of the manufacturer through a physical and electronic signature.
  • Details in the work have been infringed.
  • Your contact details have been used
  • Statement said in good faith has been misinterpreted.

If the product is misused then loss or damage should not be fulfilled by the manufacturer. Damage as a result of shipment is not managed by the manufacturer. In order to get the warranty, customer needs to fulfill some necessary responsibility.