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The Amazing Klikyshapes
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Kliky Shapes are a fun and exciting building toy that can keep young children and adults alike entertained for hours. Kliky Shapes come in a box of many different colors, shapes and sizes. Manufactured from durable plastic with strong yet safe magnets, these building blocks will allow your child's imagination to run wild with creativity. Children can build castles, houses, ships, bridges, animals, and more! They will delight in knocking it down and building a new structure from scratch. As a modular building toy, Kliky Shapes have the benefit of replay value while other games will just be forgotten and thrown in the back of the closet. Kliky Shapes have unlimited possible combinations utilizing the different building shapes. Kliky Shapes are enjoyed by ages 3 and up- even some parents enjoy playing with these toys. Kliky Shapes are addicting and enjoyable for everyone! Stop borrowing your friend’s set and get your own with free shipping!

Kliky Shapes

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Kliky Shapes

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Plastic building toys come with the pain of stepping on a sharp corners, however Kliky Shapes are smooth and flat and have no sharp points. Are you sick of seeing Legos all over your house that takes time and effort to clean up? Kliky Shapes are fun to knock down so your kids can begin building new creations, and cleanup is easy with the larger clear plastic pieces. Don’t bother with those little lego pieces that are thrown under the couch and are impossible to get! Kliky Shapes are big, colorful, and reachable. Waste no more time and order these fun lasting building toys that everyone is raving about!

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